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Flux Movement is an accessible space to explore how your body moves. Flux Movement’s programs are about recognizing the uncanny that resides in each of our bodies - that which is familiar and yet strange at the same time. Through conscious, intentional, and playful practice, our classes assist in undoing certain habits that cause pain and discomfort in our body, leading to a more wholesome and interconnected person with more confidence and strength.

The goal of Flux Movement is not to make everyone the same or to idealize one specific type of body. We wear our unique histories on our bodies and this must be recognized.  The point of a movement practice is to nurture our unique ways of being; to respect our different experiences, our different histories, but also to recognize, on a very simple but profound level, that humans are animals. As much as humans have attempted to separate ourselves from Nature, and for all of our technological advances, we still must live in a biological body. In many ways, we have forgotten about the body and yet we cannot escape the body.

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Our bodies and landscape are in constant flux, from the cellular level to the larger events of life, we are never really the ‘same’ person from moment to moment. Humans are also constantly entangled in a dense web of interconnectedness with our physical environment as well as with other humans. Flux Movement honours this entanglement. Our interaction with our physical landscape, as well as our relationships with others, shapes and informs how we move in our bodies. Through physical games, Flux Movement aims to restore to the body a quality of physical spontaneity, an effortlessness in movement, and a feeling of aliveness. Rather than create drills that are predictable and repeatable, with little connection to the actual world, Flux Movement ‘throws’ the body into movement situations to increase the brain's neuroplasticity as well as the body’s physical capacity to create and respond to the stressors of life and athletic demands. 

The health of the human animal as a species is intimately linked to the health of this earthly world. Humans are organisms too and the health of our flesh bound bodies is entangled with the health of other organisms. Destroy, alter or damage any one strand of this network of relationships and a cascading effect is felt across the entire dense web of mutual co-dependency. We must negotiate this fact of nature through the food we choose to eat. Flux Movement goes beyond counting calories and counting macros in favour of cultivating the nutritional wisdom that was once a part of our very fabric as human beings. We can no longer ignore the fact that as our planet is decaying so too is our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Flux Movement brings to the forefront this intimate connection.


Flux Movement emphasizes learning by doing and learning through experience. We use physical games for young and old to cultivate curiosity and creativity in our lives, our world, and our relationships with others. And while we are much more than just our bodies, every single movement in life is experienced through the body. There is a very intimate connection between how we think and approach the world and how we feel and experience our bodies. To be flexible, adaptable, and resourceful are qualities that have just as much to do with the body as they do with the mind. Most of all, a body that feels well in its skin is far more likely to experience a zest and a curiosity for life.

It is often assumed that as we age our physical actions become more and more limited and our interaction with our environment is diminished. Flux Movement emphasizes strategies and games that aid in the longevity of the body. This is a practice that creates a horizon of possibility rather than a narrowing of options. Everyone ages but we do have agency in how we age. Flux Movement offers a practice to keep our tissue supple and elastic, our neurons firing, and our joints strong and resilient.



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