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in-person or ONLINE Movement MENTORSHIP

Individualized Guidance and Mentorship for Your Unique Movement Practice





A Program that Honours Your Unique Singularity

Flux Movement's Mentorship Program

The Human Aliveness program is designed to honour the complexity and interconnectedness of the human body. This is a program that integrates your unique physical practice with your unique life circumstances. Conceptually, it begins with a simple admission that we cannot leave our bodies or bracket off our bodies from the lived minutiae of the everyday. Think of all the unconscious bodily gestures and mannerisms that we perform. All of the repeated practices that shape our bodies, who we are and how we are perceived by others. How we walk, talk, sit, tell stories, communicate, play, fight, have sex, and cook happens in the blood and bones of the body!  


The Human Aliveness program approaches the body as an integrated system - rather than compartmentalize our body to that one hour of training a day, the focus is on moving well in all aspects of your life. Through mentorship I guide you to become the best possible version of you. Through multi-joint movement, cross lateral patterns, with an emphasis on elasticity of the body and neuroplasticity of the brain, the Human Aliveness mentorship will increase your movement freedom and help you to create meaningful structural and functional change in your body


Our focus is on the  process and practice of living in your body - whether it is getting down on the floor to play with your kids and grandkids, reaching and twisting your arm to reach something in the back seat of the car, or to take your physicality to an entirely new level of athletic performance. This program is about your unique singularity - your bodily history, your landscape, your kinship responsibilities and your goals. 


Students receive a 6 week, fully individualized program that is based on their needs, time commitment and goals. We have ongoing contact through email, text and various other platforms.


Watch and listen to Flux Movement Practice student, Diane, as she explains her experience with the Human Aliveness Program. 

"A movement program like this is a part of this preventative medicine.

It's life changing actually."

Become more intuitive in your body

Work one-on-one with Flux Movement Practice's Darci Anderson to bring playfulness back into your body! Practice anywhere from your living room to the park while your kids play and begin to move with greater efficiency and ease. You don't need any prior experience in strength training, fitness or movement. Whether you're nervous about entering a gym, or are already a regular gym user, this mentorship will meet you at your level and where you are comfortable!

Under the Flux Philosophy, there are four principles that govern the human body and that guided the programming for students for the Human Aliveness Program.

Students practice in a way that:

1. Honour's the body's complexity and interconnectedness. Strength on its own is meaningless. It never takes place or demonstrates itself in a vacuum. This means you can move and feel at ease beyond just in the confines of your 'workout' or your time at the gym.

2. Develops intuition about the body as a self-organizing system: habitual versus intentional. The Human Aliveness Program is about honing your observational skills about your own body so that you might develop intuition about your body and learn from yourself.

3. Takes them beyond muscles while making them strong. The Human Aliveness Program focuses on the body's elasticity - its buoyancy, its kinetic recoil - through stressing the collaboration of the entire structure rather than overloading any one joint. This is key to movement ease and efficiency and self -expression.

4. Focuses on Neuroplasticity through adaptation to new stimuli and new situations. The human Aliveness program is about relinquishing control. Being spontaneous and curious in your body requires this stimulation. Key to longevity.

This program meets you where you're at. You don't need equipment, just a curiosity to explore movement with your body.

What's included?

1.  Access to an exclusive online video library of movement tutorials

2. A 6 week program that is flexible enough to make adjustments after week 4

3. 1 hour Video or in-person Assessment

4. Video or in-person analysis

5. Ongoing contact through email, text, etc.




2 days/Week



3 days/Week



4 days/Week



5 days/Week



If you are in Regina, SK, and your assessments will be done in-person, add $40 to the prices listed above.

Questions about this program? Looking to get started ASAP? Shoot us an email!

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