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Studio Classes

Join us in our studio!

Our studio is located in the YWCA in Regina, where we offer in-person movement classes. See our up-to-date class schedule:

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Experience Flux Movement through these dynamic classes!

20% discount for parents with kids registered in parkour


Mondays at 5:30 pm 

Mondays at 7:30 pm (Beginner Course)

                                                 Mar 11, 18, 25, April 8, 15, 22, 29

                                                  $147.00 plus GST = $154.35

All Levels Welcome

Tuesdays at 5:30 pm

Mar 12, 19, 26, April 9, 16, 23, 30

$147.00 plus GST = $154.35

Bundle 2 classes and receive a reduced rate

Two classes designed for human animals at any stage in life.


These two classes compliment one another nicely. While Monday is more "loose and improvisational" and Tuesday places more emphasis on strength, both aim to enhance the cross rotational patterns of the body that are fundamental to healthy human movement. Both emphasize full body coordination and integration and both begin from the premise that as  bipedal humans, we must work with gravity!


Emphasizes Rhythm, Coordination and Improvisation

This course introduces students to a movement practice that is geared towards longevity and life on the horizon - which is to say, movement for life itself. Rather than isolate body parts in a mechanical and piecemeal fashion, this course honors the complexity and vulnerability of the human animal as an evolving and adapting species. In this class we work and play to develop meaningful structural and energetical changes to the body.

We focus on the development of elasticity and recoil capacities in your structure by passing through endless movement configurations.


We develop joint stability and coordination through multi plane movement.

This course is also available online to do at your own pace.

Click here to purchase the online course.


Emphasizes specific movement pathways.

The first 30 minutes of this class are structured similarly to Monday evening's Longevity Through Movement - We focus on cross diagonal movement patterns of the body as well as simple, but potent coordination patterns.


The second half of this class is inspired by Functional Patterns. We develop specific movement pathways that are conducive to a healthier gate cycle and posture. We focus on developing the muscular chains and bodily communication necessary for more movement efficiency (less wear and tear on the joints).

LTM Feb 2023.jpg


Mondays at 6:30 pm

March 11, 18, 25, April 8, 15, 22, 29

$147.00 plus GST $154.35



In this class session you will experience a movement approach to the body. Yes! Exercise is great! But when exercise is approached through the perspective of movement and you begin to experience for yourself why human animals are designed to move, the results are potent!

During this course, you can expect to:

1. Develop agility and mobility so that you might tackle the unknown. Learn various locomotion patterns that will have you crawling, jumping, rolling and leaping with power and grace. Move with ease beyond straight lines.


2. Strength Training through various objects such as sled pushes, farmer carries, sandbags


3. Access to my Swinging and Brachiation practice- Learn smart and safe progressions for the bodyweight challenges you are likely to encounter in a Spartan race - Pulling yourself up and over a wall for example, or swinging from a rope.

4. Sophisticated Energy System Training - Everything from long, slow duration to high intensity anaerobic work. Develop the various metabolic pathways necessary for Spartan Training - from the aerobic to the anaerobic alactic and lactic systems. This means you will develop your aerobic capacity as well as your power output so that you can run faster and jump higher.

Spartan Feb 2023.jpg


On hiatus until spring

Your body does not make the distinction between strength and mobility. Why should we, in our physical practice, separate the two? In this class you will practice full body integration and basic but challenging movement patterns. Ground Connection provokes you to challenge your body to move through multiple planes of motion. Move beyond linearity and become stronger, more agile and more graceful.

Ground connection Feb 2023.jpg


Just like it sounds, we spend this class inverted. This class is open to all levels of hand-balancers, which includes people who are terrified of being upside down! This class is a potent way to develop upper body strength and to create more open and mobile shoulders.



In this class you will experience the empowerment of full body coordination and the connection between movement efficiency and finding rhythm in your body. You will learn multijoint, multiplane, full body coordinations. A background in dance is NOT required and in fact, I highly encourage my students to shed their backgrounds and coded movements so as to free the body from habitual, disciplined patterns. This class is absolutely for all levels. The work we do in this class is critical to neurological development and will help you to adapt to physical situations that we cannot but help encounter in our lives.


Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

March  11, 18, 25, April 8, 15, 22, 29

Sundays at 12:30 pm

March 10, 17, 24, April 7, 14, 21, April 28

 $147.00 + GST = $154.35

“The Impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” - Marcus Aurelius

Darci has practiced and taught Parkour and Movement Fundamentals for over 5 years in Regina, Saskatchewan. In those 5 years, Darci has developed and integrated a full curriculum and teaching philosophy for kids and adults in the sport of Parkour and Movement Fundamentals. In addition, Darci has developed teacher training in Parkour and Movement Fundamentals. 


Darci was immediately drawn to the movement art of parkour because of its blend of athleticism, improvisation, creativity and problem solving. Parkour offers an opportunity for adults and kids to take an active role in creating fun and curiosity in their lives rather than passively waiting to be entertained. It doesn’t take much - a simple rail, a park bench, a hay bale, can lead to hours of physical fun and unique physical challenges. Through parkour, kids and adults experience for themselves the power of “perspective.” When you examine your world through the lens of parkour, your entire landscape is your playground and you become open to an entire horizon of possibilities. Parkour stresses the simple fact that variability is a natural part of life and that obstacles are opportunities rather than dead ends. 

You can read all about the History of Parkour here.


This class tends to be popular with dancers and general movement enthusiasts keen to move for the sake of physical self expression. In this Intro course, we will draw inspiration from the Angola tradition of capoeira; learn various inversions and rolls; tackle task based and object/landscape oriented improvisation that is inspired by both parkour and Fighting Monkey.



This is a program that helps you to become a little less ‘tame’ in your body. It is about not being quite so ‘rule bound’ or confined to the conventional architecture of what we typically think a gym should look like and what should be practiced in that space. In fact, Untame Yourself is better understood as taking place in an always evolving Athletic Arena rather than a gym. 



Through technology, humans have become remarkably adept at tailoring their environment to suit their needs. As a species, we constantly strive to insulate ourselves against the unknown. Unfortunately, this also means that human animals are losing the art and practice of physically adapting to their environment. Exercise is often done in such a controlled and predictable environment that humans have domesticated themselves. We have become “too tame” in our bodies and too rigid in our physical abilities. Untame Yourself purposely challenges the body to adapt and improvise to its circumstances. It understands that strength, mobility, agility, coordination- all qualities that we generally attribute to athleticism and a healthy, fit body- are not absolute qualities. They have to be placed into a context or a situation to have meaning. A body cannot simply float in space, it is always attached to a situation. 


Untame Yourself is about reestablishing a connection to our physical selves through a constant practice of interoception. It is about shedding that feeling of being on autopilot in our everyday life so that humans can restore a creative impulse and feeling of aliveness in their bodies - qualities that are necessary for life itself but that must actually be embodied in order to be meaningful. Untame Yourself emphasizes that how we are in our bodies can’t be separated by how we think and feel in our bodies. It emphasizes that the body is not just a vehicle for life but that the body actually determines life itself. Thus, Untame Yourself is practice for life and not just for training. 


I have been teaching sport and athletics to students young and old for over a decade. And what I have found is that it is entirely possible to look really ‘fit,’ and yet still move and feel very poorly in your body. Time and time again I witnessed this in action, this glaring contradiction between how the body looks and how the body moves. This contradiction, I believe, is a result of too much exercise and not enough movement!


With Untame Yourself, you will create a baseline level of strength and cardiovascular health through exercise and cultivate a spirit of spontaneity and an ability to improvise with your body. 



Let’s use the example of jumping. Jumping is a fantastic tool that the human animal has at its disposal. The ability to rebound and then propel yourself in the air is indeed part of our ancestral movement practice. In other words, humans are designed for jumping and we have been engaging in the act of jumping for millenia. 



If we think of the human body as designed only for repeatable and measurable tasks and we only jump on the same surface over and over again, under the same circumstances, are we moving like a human or are we moving like a robotic machine? And if we are moving like a robotic machine, are we not in turn, also thinking like a robotic machine? 


In the Untame Yourself practice, we keep the ‘what,’ the jump, but we change HOW we think about jumping. Students are exposed to different environments- rather than predictable movements, students jump on obstacles with different textures and different surfaces such as rails, fences, trees, etc. We work on precision landings, rebounding, stride jumps, jumping off axis, etc. The options are truly endless. 

Untame Yourself cultivates a spirit of playfulness. Play is often misunderstood and undervalued as an activity that is just for kids. In truth, play is what keeps us all young in our bodies and mind. Untame Yourself places high value on situational and partner games that are designed to foster creative action, improvisation and athleticism. Play keeps us lighthearted, it fosters community and it aids in our neurodevelopment as humans.


  •   You will become a generalist. Humans are the best generalist mammals on the planet. Specialization has its place for sure, but it always comes at a cost. In Untame Yourself you will simply become adept at moving as a human is designed to move.

  •   Valuable understanding and practice of interoception - you will develop your proprioception and kinesthetic awareness so that you become your teacher in movement. 

  •   High quality, nuanced body weight training (calisthenics) - rope climbs, tree climbing, ring dips, hanging and swinging, handbalancing, handstand push ups, etc. 

  •   Access to my Swinging and Brachiation practice- Hanging and Swinging is highly underrated and underutilized in mainstream fitness and exercise paradigms. Experience how the simple act of hanging can help you to regain shoulder strength and mobility. 

  •   Locomotion patterns that will have you crawling, jumping, rolling and leaping with power and grace. Move with ease beyond straight lines.

  • Sophisticated Energy System Training - Everything from long, slow duration to high intensity anaerobic work to practicing stillness and observation. 

  • A superior Mobility practice and perspective developed from years of study under Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey, as well as courses with Dr. Andreo Spina of Functional Range Conditioning and other highly influential movement teachers. 

  • You will never be confined to only conventional gym lifting. You will lift sandbags, odd objects, kettlebells, dumbbells, other people, etc. 

  • Rhythm and Coordination work with an emphasis on cross body diagonal patterns. Before you can express strength and power your body needs to intuitively understand how to organize and reorganize itself in motion.

  • Games of improvisation designed to develop spontaneity and freedom in the body.

For more information about class schedules and signing up, please contact us. 

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