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Longevity through movement

Your daily movement hygiene practice

Longevity Through Movement is a 30 minute daily practice that consists of simple movement patterns. The purpose of this guided practice is to bring awareness to our bodies in both dynamic and still positions. The practice will help you to understand your unconscious, physical habits and gestures, so that you might better organize your body to work in a harmonious manner. 



Longevity Through Movement

6 week program


Learn more from our promo video:



6 week program

Learn more from our promo video:

Coming soon!

Each course is designed to get your moving, and are great for any experience level. Once you've registered, you get access to the video content to guide you through your practice day-by-day. 


More online content coming soon!

We are working on more online course content and Flux Movement Practice merchandise for your! If you want to make sure you hear about the launch of new online content and shop items, be sure to sign up for our email list!

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