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Longevity Through Movement - 6 Week Program
  • Longevity Through Movement - 6 Week Program

    Your daily movement hygiene practice

    Longevity Through Movement is a 30 minute daily practice that consists of simple movement patterns. The purpose of this guided practice is to bring awareness to our bodies in both dynamic and still positions. The practice will help you to understand your unconscious, physical habits and gestures, so that you might better organize your body to work in a harmonious manner. 


    The human body is governed by its own internal logic of neuro-muscular and structural  efficiency. When we deviate from this internal logic, we often experience dysfunction.  Dysfunction is largely cumulative. It falls into that space in-between, those moments of non-moments of largely unconscious, physical gestures and positions. As we deviate from the physical rules of the human animal body, the more likely we are to experience a ‘mismatch’ between how our bodies ought to function and what we have taken as normal, but unhealthy movement patterns. 


    As a daily practice, Longevity Through Movement offers us a time and space to tune in to our bodies in motion and in stillness, so that those moments of non-moments can actually register. After all, we cannot address that which we are unaware of. Much of it is done from a standing position, as humans are uniquely bipedal organisms who must respond to the pulling force of gravity. LTM is a possibility to return to a neutral structure in our body. A ground zero starting point from which we can achieve physical spontaneity and motility. 


    Longevity Through Movement highlights, through experiential learning, the cross lateral patterns that are universal to the human animal as a species. The forms that we use are an opportunity to observe and hone our proprioception and kinesthetic awareness. What shape does my body take in this position? And what of this position? It is done daily because we can only ever be in our body in the moment - in this very moment. 


    Longevity Through Movement will help with inflammation and joint resiliency as we increase the blood flow through the body. This practice will also further develop your body’s neuroplasticity so that you might rewire your brain to naturally come back to a neutral and structurally healthy upright position. 


    How it works

    This course contains 5 days of practice for 6 weeks. Each day has a video to guide you through that day of your movement practice.


    When you make your purchase, you will be asked to make a member account for our website with a username and password. Remember this login information as you will need it to access your course content.


    When your order has been processed, you will receive a PDF document to the email address provided. Save this document to your device, as you will need it to access each day's video. 


    Open the PDF document on your system viewer for the links and interactive elements to work. It works when opened with most web browsers as well. Click the day of practice you are on, and you will be directed to the Flux Movement website login. Login with the username and password you created when you made your purchase. You will then see the website member's page for that week with the video content for that day's practice. 


    If you have any questions about how this course works, or if it is a good fit for you, please don't hesitate to reach out! Contact us.

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